DPH has created a new website, which can be accessed at mass.gov/BePrepared.  This page is designed  to provide information, tips, and links for the public. The new web presence for the Stay Aware, Be Prepared campaign contains a landing page and a more detailed site that offers visitors a one-stop-shop for locating information that meets their unique preparedness needs. Using the three main themes of Stay Aware, Plan Ahead, and Be Prepared, visitors can easily identify their current preparedness needs and access information to continue their readiness.


The updated website has dedicated a new section that focuses on the preparedness needs of specific populations.  Targeted resources for families, individuals, individuals with access or functional needs, and pet owners are grouped by population to provide simple and direct access to the information and resources available.


The preparedness checklist remains available on the site, as do other guides and resources such as the Personal Planning Tool for Individuals who have access and functional needs. They are posted as a fillable pdf, and individuals can enter their personal information, print copies, and save it to their computers so that they can modify it at any point in time should their information change. Links to resources that address pandemic-specific considerations are also provided on the website.

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