Other Health Care Sector Organizations

In addition to our core disciplines, we also have participation from ancillary health care facilities.

These facilities play a crucial role in providing specialized medical support to members of our communities. These disciplines assist the HMCC in strengthening and promoting the emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the region to ensure the needs of all members of the region are met. These health sector organizations covered by the Region 3 HMCC are the following: Transitional Care organizations, Home Hospital Agencies, Home Health Care Agencies; Dialysis Centers, Behavioral Health Facilities, and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities. Local police and fire are invited to all HMCC meetings. The Region 3 HMCC is always looking to grow and expand capacity. If you would like to know more about the HMCC or join please reach out to the staff.

If your agency provides direct patient care of any kind or is involved in healthcare emergency preparedness, feel free to reach out to the HMCC staff and inquire about how to join the Region 3 HMCC.

Benefits of joining the Region 3 HMCC include:

Here is what one of our current stakeholders from a Dialysis Center has to say about being involved with the Region 3 HMCC

Recent Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations required dialysis centers to become more active in community-based emergency preparedness/response. As such, we joined the Health and Medical Coordination Coalition (HMCC) for our region. What we did not expect was the interaction with various other healthcare entities and first responders, including many members of our local communities.

HMCC has introduced us to resources that we were not aware. The program has broadened our view as to how other members respond to, interact, and deal with emergency situations, as well as influencing and aiding each other in times of need”