About MA Region 3 HMCC

Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions

Bringing together local public health, healthcare organizations, and other regional partners in order to strengthen and promote emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the region and to share resources.

The Massachusetts Region 3 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (MA Region 3 HMCC) is a regional collaborative effort between the five core disciplines, which include:

Why is joining the MA Region 3 HMCC so important?

Whether there is an emergency or disaster that affects a single community, multiple communities, or the entire region, there will need to be a coordinated response by various disciplines in order to ensure the health and safety of its residents, the community and/or the entire region. The MA Region 3 HMCC focuses on a coordinated, all hazards strategy that encourages our 49 member communities to combine enhanced regional and local planning, resource sharing, training, and realistic, capabilities-based exercises. Within this framework of regional cooperation, the MA Region 3 HMCC supports mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts within the region.  

Planning together saves lives!

What are the benefits of membership in the MA Region 3 HMCC?

As a member of the Region 3 HMCC, you will have the opportunity to learn about emergency preparedness efforts in the region, network with colleagues and professionals within the five core disciplines as well as with other partners in the region, create new relationships and enhance existing relationships within your own discipline, with the other member disciplines as well as with other partners in the region. In addition, you will be able to learn about available resources in the region and you will have the opportunity to have access to training and exercise support.