Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Supply Cache

NERAC (the Northeast Massachusetts Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council), the Region 3 HMCC (Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition), and NEEMS (Northeast Emergency Medical Services, Inc.) have partnered to develop personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supply caches to support health and medical, municipal, and first responder stakeholders within the Northeast Region of Massachusetts.

These caches were developed with funding from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security – Office of Grants and Research and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  They serve as one method of leveraging Federal emergency preparedness and homeland security funds the Commonwealth receives, by ensuring first responders and health and medical facilities and personnel have a properly maintained stockpile of PPE and other medical supplies readily available on a regional scale to address larger than routine emergency events, as well as PPE and medical supply shortages that may occur.

The caches are strategically located at two different locations in the region, the NERAC Cache Site in Beverly, MA and NEEMS’ Headquarters in Amesbury, MA.

In order to be considered an eligible party to request a resource from the Region 3 HMCC Cache you must represent a specific discipline in one or more of Region 3 HMCC Communities. A list of the communities can be found here.

Eligible party must represent one or more of the following disciplines:

  • Local Public Health Representative
  • Hospital
  • Long Term Care Facility
  • Community Health Center
  • Emergency Medical Service Provider

On a case-by-case basis the Region 3 HMCC may accept and fulfill requests from other disciplines that are not listed above. Request will be individually evaluated.

For more information on items located in the NERAC Cache, please visit Regional Resources – NERAC

For more information on items located in the NEEMS Cache, please visit NEEMS PPE Cache

PPE and Medical Supplies Available for Request

Request Process

  • Complete the –Subscription Agreement – PPE and Medical Supply Cache .
  • Contact the HMCC Duty Officer and make a formal request. All request forms must be
    submitted on the Resource Request Form via email to the HMCC at  If a request is sent after regular business hours or if there is an immediate need for the resource, the eligible party should then page the Region 3 HMCC Duty Officer at 978-946-8130.
  • Upon approval of the request, arrange for a pick-up date, time, and location with the Cache Manager.  Requests that are submitted prior to 3:00pm will be processed for pickup the following business day. Requests submitted after hours and on weekends will be handled the next business day. Exceptions will be made for immediate and urgent needs. Those requests must be made by paging the Region 3 HMCC Duty Officer at 978-946-8130.
  • See complete request process here.

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Things to consider:

  • Prioritization of requests will be conducted by the Cache Manager and HMCC Duty Officer.
  • Stockpiling of PPE and medical supplies is not allowed.