HMCC Region 3 Caches

The Region 3 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC) provides emergency response support of stakeholders through the effective coordination of necessary regional resources, including equipment, personnel and supplies.

The Region 3 HMCC’s coordination role will not supersede any existing municipal, regional, or state emergency management policies, protocols, and procedures, nor will it directly control any local agency efforts. Instead, the Region 3 HMCC’s role is to enhance health-related response actions through support of a common operating picture related to resource availability and resource needs in the Region.

Local organizations must first follow protocols indicated in the local emergency plans for their agency or jurisdiction to fill resource needs using standing local stock, existing vendor resources, and local mutual aid agreements. If a facility is part of a system, that facility will look system-wide first to fill a resource need.

Caches available:

If a stakeholder cannot source a resource at the local level, they can reach out to the HMCC Duty Officer for assistance. Depending on the situation and the urgency of the request, the HMCC Duty Officer will notify the stakeholder of the appropriate course of action. The HMCC Duty Officer will be able to utilize different options within the region to assist the stakeholder. The Duty Officer can look at the local level, regional caches or statewide partners if necessary.