John Brickett
Executive Director for NorthEast Emergency Medical Services, Inc
Emergency Medical Services

Jonathan Brickett has over 40 years of experience Fire/Safety field. Jonathan began his career at Foil Mark Inc. where he was a Supervisor/Research & Development and managed the safety of personnel. From 1985-2000, Jonathan worked as an EMT with Chaulk Ambulance Service. In 1984, Jonathan began working with the Amesbury Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic. From 1984-2003, Jonathan was the Lead Fire Investigator for the Amesbury Fire Department. In 2003, Jonathan was named the Deputy Fire Chief for Amesbury. In this role, Jonathan was responsible for Fire Prevention Code Enforcement, Day to Day Operations as well as serving as the Director of Emergency Medical Services, City of Amesbury. Jonathan became Fire Chief /Emergency Management Director in 2007 where he served until, he retired in 2015. Currently Jonathan serves as the Executive Director for NorthEast Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Jonathan possesses an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science & Technology from North Shore Community College, Certifications from the National Fore Academy including; Fire/ Arson Investigation and Interview / Interrogation Courtroom Testimony.