The Region 3 HMCC has shifted the Coalition Activation Level from "Full Activation" to "Monitoring"

What have we done so far?

Since February 2020, the HMCC has been activated to provide support to all healthcare facilities in Region 3 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HMCC facilitates communication and information-sharing between the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and stakeholders in the region. Staff have completed resource requests for personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing supplies and maintain regional situational awareness.

Part of this activation includes operationalizing a 24/7 duty officer who is responsible for answering pages and emails from stakeholders who need PPE and testing supplies and collaborating with MDPH to fill those requests. The duty officer maintains communication with stakeholders throughout the process, providing additional guidance and information.

To date in Region 3, there have been approximately...

1,154 requests
for PPE and testing supplies

360 duty officer pages for assistance

1,295+ emails

MAPC has worked to procure emergency response equipment and supplies on behalf of the hospitals, Medical Reserve Corp Units, and regional Public Health Coalitions that the HMCC provides funding to through MDPH. Staff have contacted over 200 vendors to procure hard-to-find general health and sanitary supplies, as well as equipment more specific to fighting COVID-19 for healthcare facilities and communities in the region.

Staff have also administered federal funding, coming through MDPH, that goes directly to hospitals to support expenses related to PPE, training, staff time, and minor building alterations due to COVID-19 response efforts.

The team is currently focused on aiding municipal flu vaccination efforts across the region. With funding from the MDPH Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences (BIDLS), Immunization Division, staff have worked to disseminate funding to local health departments to enhance their influenza vaccine activities in an effort to increase influenza vaccination rates. This funding goes directly to the communities to hire temporary staff, cover overtime expenses, advertise clinics, rent clinic space, upgrade vaccine storage units, and purchase vaccine clinic supplies including PPE.

In addition, in order to promote regional collaboration to plan for and respond to COVID-19 and its impact on hospital capacity, MDPH has established a regional hospital planning process, facilitated by the HMCC. The HMCC organizes and facilitates regular meetings among hospitals in the region. These meetings will help proactively identify and analyze communication regarding capacity challenges that may impact hospitals’ abilities to meet the health needs of the population on an equitable basis.

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Caches available

We continue to provide support to our stakeholders through our Duty Officer. A Duty Officer is available 24/7 by calling (978) 946 8130. We can also be reached via email for non-urgent matters.

Keep in mind sending a request through email should be for non emergent needs only. Sending an email will not wake a Duty Officer in the middle of night, please call if it is an emergency. Stakeholders can find forms for PPE and COVID-19 testing supply request forms here. You can also find additional information about the Duty Officer here.

Resources and Testing Supply Request Process and Forms

Please read this entire section before filling out the form. It will make the resource request process easier and more understandable for you, and allow us to process your request with greater efficiency.

Before filling out the Request Forms

You will need to provide information specific to EACH requested resource. Please gather the following information before filling out the form. Incomplete forms will require further follow up from us, and will delay the processing of your request. All forms must be typed. Please note that there is a distinct form to use when requesting testing supplies.


  1. First download the form before filling it out fully.
  2. Save the filled out form to your computer/device.
  3. Email the form to

If you anticipate your needed resource being depleted within 24 hours or are in emergent need, page the Duty Officer at 978-946-8130 to alert them to your incoming form so it can receive priority attention.

PLEASE NOTE: The MA Department of Public Health’s Resource Request Unit assists with the provision of short-term (5 day) supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use in emergency procedures to healthcare facilities/providers that provide direct clinical care to patients based on the facility’s burn rate. PPE from the state stockpile is not meant to supplant normal supply chains – requestors are asked to include documentation of their inability to acquire the needed PPE due to backorder, allocation, etc., along with the request form. Documentation may be waived by DPH if a facility is experiencing an active outbreak. This is determined on a case by case basis by DPH only.

MA DPH will also assist providers that offer COVID-19 testing with testing supplies. Forms for requesting both PPE and testing materials can be found in the link buttons below.

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MAPC is committed to helping local officials and other allies and stakeholders address their needs, and we are encouraging a statewide, coordinated response to this virus. MAPC stands ready to assist your community and the region during this time. This is a challenging, unprecedented situation for all of us, but we can make it easier by supporting each other, sharing resources, and continuing to collaborate.

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The Region 3 HMCC in partnership with Northeast Homeland Security Council (NERAC) and Region 3 Northeast Emergency Medicine Services has created a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Cache.