Sponsoring Organizations

Each HMCC is supported by a sponsoring organization with dedicated staff whose objective is to ensure integrated planning and capacity-building across five core disciplines: local public health, hospitals, emergency medical services, community health centers and large ambulatory care practices, and long-term care facilities. The sponsoring organization for the MA Region 3 HMCC will work closely with its member disciplines and other partners that have a role under Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF 8) in order to build strong connections and relationships within the region.

Region 3 Sponsoring Organization

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston. Our mission is to promote smart growth and regional collaboration. Their regional plan, MetroFuture, guides their work as they engage the public in responsible stewardship of our region’s future. You can find out more about MAPC Here.

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