Our Mission

The Massachusetts Region 3 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (MA Region 3 HMCC) is a regional collaborative effort between local Public Health, EMS, Long Term Care Facilities, Large Ambulatory Care Practices, Community Health Centers and Hospitals in order to strengthen and promote the emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the region and to share resources. Within this framework of regional cooperation, the MA Region 3 HMCC also supports the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts within the region.

The MA Region 3 HMCC endeavors to strengthen these capabilities by building relationships and partnerships among the five core disciplines and other regional partners, coordinating training and exercises, and facilitating communication and resource sharing. The MA Region 3 HMCC focuses on a coordinated, all hazards strategy that encourages our 49 member communities to combine enhanced regional and local planning, resource sharing, training, and realistic, capabilities-based exercises.