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Photos: HMCC Region 3 Public Health Emergency Seminar

As part of the Regional Project for Local Public Health in Region 3, a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Events (CBRNE) Seminar was held on Wednesday, March 1 at the Topsfield Fairgrounds. More than 75 people attended the event which was developed by the Region 3 Planners, Sheryl Knustsen, Neia Illingsworth and Elizabeth Peak Louge, as well as three presenters, HMCC Program Manager Mark Munroe, HMCC Program Coordinator Jonathan Brickett and Amesbury Assistant Fire Chief David Mather.

HMCC Program Manager Mark Munroe would like to recognize and thank all those involved for their hard work in developing a professional CBRNE Seminar. Without their hard work and dedication, the program would not have been the success it was.
Mark would also like to recognize and thank HMCC BOG member Assistant Chief David Mather for teaching the class. His expert knowledge was the key to making the program understandable and interesting.

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